In the light of real beauty

ExploreArt has been rescheduled to Spring 2023. The new dates will be announced soon!

ExploreArt is a weekend of exploring beauty through art. Discover beauty within you and in the world around you through creativity and joy. Learn how to see with the eyes of the Soul.

Creative workshops, artistic shows and essential presentations. Open for all, also for complete beginners.

We invite all who love art, creativity and beauty to join us in an exploration into the magic world of art. We will be focusing on the way we, as artists and creators, can open ourselves to beauty.

Learn to see with the eyes of the Soul

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we learn to see through the eyes of the Soul - to discover everything in the light of true beauty - we then start to see not only the immense beauty all around us but also the boundless beauty within us, within our own soul.

We discover through direct experience that our perspective upon ourselves and reality affects reality directly.

Learning to see the most beautiful aspects in what we behold is a skill that anyone can learn. It is, we can say, an art form in itself, which can be learned and mastered through practice.

In this weekend we will offer guidance, essential keys, practical methods and a lot of experience in learning exactly that – how to see things in the light of true beauty and channel that into our creative work. How to become true inspired creators of art of unfathomable beauty.

“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.”

Theodore Dreiser

Our Perspective Transforms Reality

When we see the beauty which exists within a person or object, we draw that beauty forward and that person becomes more and more beautiful.

More than that – we, the artist, become more and more beautiful through this magic act. Thus, through engaging in creation of beautiful art we become sources of emanation of joy, love, harmony and gratitude in the world around us and in our lives.

The art which we then create reflects the most beautiful aspects of our reality and is elevating and healing ourselves while also transforming our reality for the better, and touching the hearts of all those who savor our creation.

Choose Your Path

We offer a variety of different art forms that you can apply these notions in – each one according to his/her own preferences.

There is no need to have prior experience as guidance will be given and every person starts where they are.

In each department there will be specific guidance into practical methods and techniques to be applied, specific for that art form.

The teacher will guide the participants in their creative work and at the end of the weekend will be an opportunity to share with all the participants of all art departments the results of the creative works.

Each participant will choose one art department to explore for the duration of the entire weekend.

Art Departments





Feminine Dancing


Early Bird


Language English
Location Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 KBH N
Art Choice Each participant chooses one art to explore during the event. Limited places.
Minimum Age 16 years old
Contact info@siddhaarta.com +4530645548 


Friday 17.00-19.30
Saturday 9.00-19.30
Sunday 9.00-18.30
Lunch breaks included.
Full program will be sent upon sign-up.


Early bird: 700kr (for 2 – 1200 kr)
Standard: 900kr (for 2 – 1500 kr)
At the door: 1200kr (for 2 – 2000 kr)

+45 3064 5548
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